Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Hope You Die...

It's amazing to me the personal and professional struggles that many of us face on a daily basis that cause us stress, frustration and dismay. Most of the obstacles and potholes that we encounter on our journey are never meant to set us back, but simply to propel us forward. Yet, the question arises, "How do I learn from these situations in my life?" The answer: YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO DIE DAILY!!! My hope: I HOPE YOU DIE...

I know this may sound callous, demented, and morbid, but it is the reality that many of us overlook throughout the course of our existence. There are so many people, jobs, problems, habits and thoughts that must die, and die TODAY in your life if you desire to reach your true calling!

How many times have you felt like the people you associate with and collaborate through didn't foster your best interest, yet you continued the relationship? How often does the "dead-end" job you go to, day-in and day-out, leave you desiring more from your overall dreams, gifts and aspirations? How many nights have you spent wrapped up in a habit or addiction that you so desperately desire to shake?

To live the AMAZING LIFE you have been designed to live, you must DIE to the MEDIOCRE existence that holds you fast! Learn to DIE to toxic relationships in your life that are choking your character , draining your dreams and suffocating your success. Even if these toxic relationships involve family members or long-time friends, your success henge's on your ability to relinquish that which is detrimental to one's self. You must commit this SUICIDE on the useless and dangerous connections that stunt your growth, if your desire to succeed beyond measure.

When a child is conceived in a mother's womb, that embryo turns into a fetus, the fetus then becomes a baby. During these 40 weeks, the baby has been given "new life" inside the mother's womb. The baby develops eyes, but has nothing to see. The baby develops ears, but really has nothing to hear. The baby develops hands, but has nothing to feel. It develops feet, but has no where to go. As the baby progresses into the third and final trimester, the environment it has been in for roughly 294 days begins to impede its continued growth and development, thus causing it to have to DIE to it's current life and situation, in order to "GIVE BIRTH" to a NEW LIFE in a better situation. Only when the baby becomes uncomfortable and aware of the "DEATH" it must experience to gain "LIFE" does birth come. The baby has been equipped with the tools (i.e. eyes, ears, hands, feet) for the NEW LIFE, but doesn't truly discover how to use them until it "DIES" and therefore leaves it's prior comfort zone for it's TRUE LIFE!

The challenges you face on your daily journey to become AMAZING are filled with potholes, stumbling blocks and obstacles...begin to use them as stepping stones to achieve your ultimate destiny. You're being equipped with the tools for your destination, but you may have to commit this figurative "SUICIDE" to truly learn how to use them, so that you can live abundantly in your NEW LIFE!

I only hope that you DIE, so that you might LIVE!

Are you ready to start LIVING? IF SO, START DYING!

Kervance Ross
Author, CEO, Mentor, Motivational Strategist

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  1. This was really inspiring. I am going to add it to my prayer wall at work to remind me to move past the dead spots into destiny. Thanks for sharing your pearls.....